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The Manufacturers' Advertising Platform (MAP)
gives you direct access to 200+ fluid power distributors
using FluidPowerNet for advertising, promotion,
networking and finding new business partners.

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What Is FluidPowerNet?

FluidPowerNet allows fluid power distributors to easily buy parts from each other and enables distributors to add their complete inventory into one database. The platform shortens long manufacturer lead times by sourcing emergency supplies and specialist items directly from the distributors themselves.

By using different communication channels, social media, networking, print and online advertising, the Manufacturer’s Advertising Platform will engage your target audience and ensure you receive excellent brand exposure. With over 200 distributors using the network, and over 20,000 industry connections on LinkedIn, FluidPowerNet is the perfect place to accelerate your growth!

Promotional Opportunities

Access your target audience, grow your brand and develop your marketing through FluidPowerNet

Promote your inventory through FluidPowerNet

Upload your inventory to FluidPowerNet and generate sales inquiries from distributors located all around the world. Whether you sell your inventory directly, or you wish to support your existing distributors by passing inquiries on to them, you can showcase your parts to hundreds of distributors globally.

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Manufacturers’ Directory

Showcase your products to new distributors whilst acting as a quick resource for your existing ones by uploading company information to 200+ distributors.

  • Receive your own directory listing where distributors can learn about your company and discover the best way to contact you.
  • Upload company literature including catalogues, brochures & flyers
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Build your brand awareness

By displaying your own bespoke marketing message, you can:

  • Target specific regions with tailored messaging
  • Keep your content current with regular updates
  • Ask our in-house team to design everything for you!
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Benefit from access to our in-house marketing team

We have a dynamic team of content producers and graphic designers that can create all your messaging and promotional work for you.

  • Regular contact points with our team to find out what you’ve got planned throughout the year.
  • We will work closely with you to create bespoke content that helps meet your marketing objectives.
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Trusted for over 5 years by manufacturers worldwide, of all shapes and sizes!

FluidPowerNet has been growing year-on-year and has successfully helped growth within many manufacturers from all regions. From smaller independent companies who require marketing support, to larger multinational organisations looking to reinforce their presence in the industry.

Success stories

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our current manufacturer members have to say...

Broaden our horizons!

"Since using FluidPowerNet we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of enquiries coming in from previously untapped markets in Europe, it has allowed us to broaden our horizons and move our business forwards in ways we otherwise wouldn’t have done. I fully endorse FluidPowerNet and would recommend it to any distributors or manufacturers looking to reach a wider customer base."

Elliott Underwood
FilterFinder, UK

12 minutes!

"We had a customer in Canada that needed an Eaton Vickers Valve. We couldn't find it with our regular suppliers, not even a part alternative. Our customer needed it for a machine breakdown, so it was an emergency situation. An Italian company using FluidPowerNet had it in stock, and we received a reply in just 12 minutes!"

Floyd Peterson
Lynch Fluid Controls Inc., Canada


Whether you’re looking to find new distributors or enhance your brand presence, we’ve got you covered.

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