About Us

FluidPowerNet (FPN) is a small team of specialised people helping to build an industrial marketplace specifically for businesses that specialise in hydraulics and pneumatics. We are committed to making the site the best possible resource for the fluid power industry, enabling you to source hard to find products, sell your surplus stock, and trade more effectively with your fellow industry experts. We do not want to change the sales channel, we just want to make it faster to find and trade in fluid power spare parts and services, and being part of FPN provides you with a network of fluid power companies, both locally and internationally.

FPN is exclusively for distributors, manufacturers and service providers - we do not work with end users or OEMs and we are completely independent.

Meet the FluidPowerNet team

Peter Annis Co-founder
Nicola Beer Co-founder
Managing Director
Gary Jenkins Co-founder
Technical Director
Chris Howard Commercial Director
Ania Walton Customer support
Francesca Dileto Customer support

Our story

Peter’s family have been in the bearing business since 1945 and BearingNet was the idea of Peter’s Uncle, John Bass. Founded in 1996, BearingNet has become the industry standard. Gary Jenkins is the technical expert behind both companies and Peter and Gary have been colleagues and friends for over 20 years.

After extensive research and development we are certain that a similar service could help the fluid power industry, so we set about creating FluidPowerNet.

The people behind the company: Nicola & Chris are running the day-to-day business and also lead the sales & marketing team across BearingNet & FluidPowerNet.

Francesca has been with us for 10 years working with both BearingNet and FluidPowerNet. She speaks English, Spanish and Italian and works with the distributors using FPN. Ania works alongside Francesca helping with site demos, customer care and anything else our members need help with!

The 6 of us, along with invaluable help from other BearingNet team members, will make FluidpowerNet the worlds best internet site for your industry. And as it grows it will become more and more powerful at delivering excellent business opportunities.

Come and join us on the journey and watch it grow!

What next?

What is it?

It’s a database of millions of hydraulic and pneumatic parts which have all been listed by the distributors using the website. Fluid power companies can use our search function to find which member has the part you need in stock and ready to ship, this means you can avoid manufacturer’s long lead times! You can also list your own inventory on the site for other distributors to search and send you inquiries. All trade is done directly between the companies, we are just the platform to help facilitate that trade. If you can’t find the part in the search database then add it directly to the Wanted page (our emergency supply forum). Other users will be notified of this and if they can source it, they will contact you directly. Additionally, if you have surplus stock that is just sitting in your warehouse you can list and sell this on our Offers page!

Who has access to FluidPowerNet?

We only allow access to distributors and small to medium sized manufacturers. FluidPowerNet is a B2B trade only site and we never allow end users on the website. All data on FluidPowerNet (inventory and contact details) is completely confidential - no one within the site can see your entire inventory list, the search works by individual part number. And only members can see your contact details. So, no need to worry, your data is safe!

I have inventory – can I sell it through the site?

Yes, if you have inventory currently in stock you can list it on FPN! The site is designed to help you both buy and sell. We have been dealing with inventory lists for 25 years. All you need to do is send us your list (in any format) and we will add it to your account. If a user searches for a part you have they will send you an inquiry and you can reply with price and delivery terms. You will receive the RFQ on FPN and also directly by email.

What next?

All you need to do is complete the short form here and we will send you a username and password by email. There is no obligation to join after the free trial and we do not require any credit card of payment details unless you decide to become a member. Don’t put it off, register today and we will show you how FPN can really benefit your company!