FluidPowerNet User Meeting

Meet distributors from around the world

3-5 October 2024
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What to expect

Networking, opportunities, fun
Exclusive Networking
Put a face to the name and spend a day meeting with members you trade with daily and have never had the chance to shake hands with, or catch up with old friends in the industry that you haven't seen for a long time!
Generate new sales
Find new business partners and explore new opportunities whilst promoting your company and product range to a wide range of distributors.
Save time and money
Distributors from all around the world in one location. A great mix of business and pleasure, opportunities to talk during the networking sessions, over dinner or even at the bar!
Explore new markets
Identify, discover, and establish new connections with companies on different continents while strengthening your existing network.

We are not new to this!

See what happened at our sister company's previous meeting:

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Frequently asked questions

Everything all in one place
What is the FluidPowerNetworking?
Put simply, it's business speed dating! With distributors from around the world all in one room, you have one day to meet as many of them as possible. Every company has their own table so you can easily find them and allows you to host meetings in your very own space.
Do I need to book meetings?
A meeting planner will be available 6 weeks before the meeting, you can see when companies are free and book a 20 minute slot with them. If you would prefer to keep it casual, you can just indicate you want to meet them at some point.
Will there be photos and videos taken at the event?
Yes! We love to share the highlights of the User Meeting... we will have cameras in Vienna so if you want a photo let us know! All videos and photographs will be shared after the event, so be sure to tag us in any that you post
What if I am unable to attend?
Don’t worry, if you can’t make the meeting, you can substitute another exhibitor.